Susan Ney is a seasoned human resources professional who has spent her career supporting teams and individuals in the art of leadership. She has both taught and coached for the Local Government Management Association, helping local government professionals better communicate, improve their own performance and that of their teams, and make transformative changes at both a personal level and within an organization.

Nancy TaylorExecutive Director, Local Government Management Association

The City of Parksville engaged Susan to assist with Human Resources during a staff absence. Susan provided a myriad of services including recruitment, training; both organization of, creation of materials and facilitation, bargaining, labour relations and advice to staff across the human resources spectrum. Susan is knowledgeable, experienced, and a true professional. She integrated into the organization seamlessly and was a tremendous, positive resource to all managers. Whenever I am in need of human resources consulting services Susan will be my first call. She is a tremendous asset to any organization needing the services of a consummate human resources professional.

Debbie ComisCAO, City of Parksville, BC

An inspiring and inspired leader in her own right, Susan Ney coaches and mentors CEOs and senior executives and their teams and reminds leaders to lean into the human element of human resources. My experience of Susan is as a brilliant systems thinker who very clearly understands how necessary this human connection between leaders and their teams is and how important it is to invest in both hard and soft skills. She embodies the perfect mix of deep experience and knowledge in the HR field combined with true empathy that allows her to see the perspectives of both leaders and those they lead. She has been in their shoes and her compassion and understanding help to support leaders to shift their thinking and behaviours to connect with their staff and to collectively work through challenges. This book is a must read for leaders and for individuals interested in delving deeper to discover who they are at their core and how to apply this new learning.

Gayle FarrellSienna Consulting

Susan has been a colleague, professional collaborator and close friend of mine for 30 years. The arc of her career is most unusual: from Union Rep at the Telecommunications Workers Union to Human Resources Manager at British Columbia Institute of Technology to Chief HR Officer in public post-secondary and at 3 different municipalities. At each point in her path Susan has added more experience in dealing with both people and organizations.

David HarveyFaculty and former HR Director Kwantlen University

There are inescapable truths within leaders. It is not what is said, but what is reflected in character and practice. It demands courage, integrity, strength, compassion and an uncommon ability to truly listen. Over the many years, Susan consistently reflected these qualities and is committed to instilling these values in those around her. I have worked across the table from many, but so very few practice and executed such a high level of vision and leadership.

Brian SchrammBusiness Manager, West Vancouver Municipal Employees Association

I have had the privilege to learn from Susan over many years and will be one of the first to pick up a copy. Susan has been very influential to myself and others as both a leader and someone I respect very much for her ethics and skills. I would have never achieved some of my successes without her guidance.

Brad McRaeCAO, Village of Gold River, BC

At the beginning of my career I had the great fortune to work for Susan, a true disrupter. Her authenticity, integrity, and whole-hearted approach were inspiring and became my gold-standard: The bar by which all other leaders - including myself - were measured.

Cathy McKernanHR Consultant

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